How to Submit a Bee Sample for Genetic Testing
To contribute bee specimens for genetic analysis, please:
1) Collect 1 worker bee or drone per colony and place in a sample tube or Ziploc bag.
Label with <date-your initials-sample #> e.g. 01/16/24-AG-1
Collection of recently dead bees is acceptable, although live specimens are preferred to reduce DNA degradation. Place live specimens in freezer for 30 minutes prior to shipping.
2) Complete the webform below or download/printout the Sample Submission Form PDF.
Important: Please include location information (street address or cross-streets) where bee was collected.
This information is needed for accurate geospatial mapping of the results.
3) Drop off or send samples within 1-2 days to:
Re: 16-and-Bee
787 Allegheny Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
4) Results can be found in the Data table and OC Bee Map.
Bee Sample Submission Form
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